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2013 Nail Design For 2014 Nail Design

Today we are going to discus those hot and famous nail arts and designs which were famous in 2012 and they are still rocking and going to rock in 2013 too like neutral nail color and other new technology, new ways of 3D art and other nail enhancements.

We know that nail art has been one of the main fashion trends for few years and they have became the necessaries now, there is a whole industry which is working and making things for nail art and keep improving things and everyone like new and advanced things and colors, but still there are few things who was so famous in last year and they are still holding the place of hottest style or fashion in this year too like French with a twist of new shades or new color scheme.

2013 Nail Design For 2014 Nail Design

Last year we saw so many ways and styles of French manicures like with shades on tips instead of the traditional white and glitter, but now they are using a vertical split and pale nails with a bright and shiny tip or half moon with other graphic shape and lines.

We used shades, creaks, borders and sharp edges last year and now we are going to see some Magnetic nail color but with stronger approach in the new year and you will find some cute 3D look with magnetic nail color in the market too which would be too easy to apply at home too.

Glitz and shimmery finish was so famous in 2012 and this year we are going to see ultra shiny nails with a touch of sequins or 3D finishes as we have been seeing our hot celebrities with some really radiant shades for special occasions or performances now we are going to see them over ahead a bit again in this year too.

Nail Art 2013 Spring For Nail Art 2014 Summer

Black is still going to be the hottest color of this year too although we feel that darker shades don’t dazzle in winter, but we are going to see black in spring this year if my memory is serving me well all of girls at Spring-Summer 2013 Fashion Week were wearing darker shades, what you think?

Cool or Bored.

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