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3 Natural Ways to Speed Up Your Nail Growth

Long, gorgeous and attractive nails are something that is loved by all of us. Females try various techniques to speed up the growth of their nails. The girls, who don’t possess long nails, use artificial nails to enhance the beauty of hands. However, it is not a permanent solution.

Natural Nail Growth Remedies

In this article, we have discussed some simple yet effective tips which help your nails grow faster than usual.

1. Keep Your Nails & Hands Moist:

Dryness or harsh soap has nasty effects on nail growth as well as skin. To prevent the extra dryness, use mild soaps for washing your hands and don’t forget applying a moisturizing cream or lotion to keep your hands and nails moist.

2. Consume Healthy and Nutritious Diet:

Healthy and balanced diet always play an important role in maintaining the health and growth of your nails. Consuming healthy and nutritious diet is a natural way to increase the growth rate of your nails. Several fresh fruits like mangoes and apricots are loaded with vitamin A that is very important for proper nail growth. To provide your body the required amount of vitamin B, you should consume fish, eggs and meat. Vitamin C&D are also important for healthy and long nails. Vitamin C is available in orange or its juice, while the main sources of vitamin D are milk and dairy products. Some prenatal vitamins and Biotin supplements can also be used to stimulate the nail growth but don’t use them without a permission of your health specialist.

3. Increase the Blood Circulation towards Your Fingers:

Blood is the crucial necessity for growth of anything in an individual’s body. There are several activities that help you increase the blood circulation towards your fingers and nails. For example, writing something is a best technique to get the blood circulation in fingertips area. some other activities include playing piano, typing or any other sports activity in which some finger activity is involved.

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3 Natural Ways to Speed Up Your Nail Growth

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