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3D Heart Nails Design Tutorial

Simply painting the nails in different colors has become thing of the past today. Now, you can accent your nails with pretty 3D nail art designs. If you’re a sort of fashion and trend conscious lady, you definitely won’t love to miss out on the revolutionary cult of 3D nail art. It will surely give your nails a brand new, extremely stunning look.

3D Heart Nails Design Tutorial

3D Heart Nail Design is one of the most popular 3D nails designs these days. Although it seems and sounds tough to pull off this fabulous design, this easy tutorial will make the task really easy for you.

3D Heart Nails Design Tutorial-

1. To begin with prime your nails. Cleanse them with a nail varnish remover and then shape and file them to smoothen out any edgy, rough surface.

2. Now apply thin layers of base coat allover your nails and let it dry out completely before adding two or three coats of a light-colored nail polish. Wait for almost 20-25 minutes until the colored lacquer dries out fully.

3D Heart Nails Design Tutorial-0

3. Put on tape. You may ant to use trimmed scotch tape for this purpose or you can go for a striping tape as well; it all depends on your personal choice. With the help of tape, divide each of your nail in four pieces.

4. Using some more tape, further divide every piece in two, this way you’ll get eight triangles on each of your nails.

5. Alternating every other triangle, paint the triangles in your second color.

3D Heart Nails Design Tutorial-01

6. Allow the second color to dry out for 10-20 minutes and then remove the tape. The pretty nail design will be left on your nails.

7. Now create hearts. For creating the hearts, pour two tiny dots of a third nail color in the center of the triangles. You can use back end of a paintbrush, a straight pin, bobby pin or dotting tool to pour the dots.

8. Made a V-shape underside the two dots and fill-in the center.

9. Let the hearts dry out fully and then seal in the design with a moderately thick coat of top coat and you’re done.