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5 Nail Care Secrets for Prettier Nails

Healthier, stronger and long nails really look great, so almost all people especially females spend a lot of their time in the search for different techniques to make their weak nails healthier and beautiful. Here are five effective nail care secrets for prettier nails.

Tips to Keep Your Nails Strong and Pretty

1. Minimize the Use of Commercial Nail Products:- Keeping your nails for a maximum time is most essential to maintain the natural health and shine of nails. Excessive use of nail polishes and other commercial nail products may become a major cause of weak and brittle nails. So if you are aiming to make your nails healthier and stronger, you should reduce the extra use of nail products and make sure to use the acetone-free nail polish only.

2. Keep Your Nails hydrated:- Dry nails tend to make weak and brittle so keeping your nails hydrated is a best way to get strong and beautiful nails. Applying petroleum jelly or any natural oil on your nails before going to bed is most beneficial to keep your nails hydrated and gleaming.

3. Add Healthy Foods in Your Diet Plan:- As you know, a healthy diet plays an important role in making your nails healthier and beautiful. So adding healthy foods in your daily diet plan is a natural way to turn your weak and brittle nails into strong and beautiful nails. Healthy foods include calcium, protein, zinc, iron, and vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E). Biotin is the main vitamin responsible for nail and hair growth, you can take this vitamin as supplement.

4. Use a Good-quality Nail Strengthener:- In order to get strong and beautiful nails, you should purchase a good nail strengthener and apply it on your nails regularly. Naillure by Claire Topper is an excellent nail strengthener.

5. Follow Nail Care Routine:- You can get strong and lovelier nails by following a simple nail care routine.

  1. Dry your nails completely after taking a bath.
  2. Apply a nutritious cuticle cream for about 20 minutes two times a week.
  3. Buff your nails appropriately to eliminate dirt once a week.
  4. Soak your toe nails and fingernails in a mixture of diluted vinegar once a week.
  5. Get pedicure and manicure at home to once a week to give your fingernails and toenails a gorgeous look.

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