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7 Easy Nail Care Tips For Men & Natural Nail Care Tricks

7 Easy Nail Care Tips For Men” Nail care is equally important for men as it is important for women. Men nails tend to grow faster and they are thicker than a woman, that’s why they need extra care.

Usually men have jobs that involve physical labor, which makes their hands and nails dirty so it is really important men should take care of his nails but most men nail care starts and ends with the occasional cutting of the nails when they grow too big.

7 Easy Nail Care Tips For Men

Here are some Things Easy Nail Care Tips For Men

1: A proper diet is one of the basic requirements to keep your nails in good shape. Ensure that you get a sufficient amount of vitamin B, calcium and protein. You may also take multivitamin, in case you are not getting it from your diet.

2: While cutting your nails, try to make the cut as round or as square as possible.

3: It is also important to trim the cuticles once a week. But before starting the process, make sure that you have softened them using a specialized cuticle cream.

4: Try to purchase skin lotions which can be used for the nails and for the skin as well. By using it you can not only maintain your nails, but also make your hands feel softer and supple.

5: Regular interaction with cleaning products can fade your nails. So you should wear gloves while working in water if you want to give them ample care.

6: Use a nondrying nail lotion, at least once daily. Alternatively, you can also apply petroleum jelly to the nails and the area around them.

7: Daily, give your nails a brief massage with olive oil. You can use your fingers for this, or a brush. Do this for about 10 minutes. One simple home remedy for brittle nails is massaging your nails with a mixture of honey before going to bed.

Men Natural Nail Care Tricks