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African Hair Braiding Flat Twist Styles

African Hair Braiding Flat Twist Styles; There were times when we believed that African Hair Braiding hairstyles do not offer us much freedom and variety. Today we are impressed at how versatile short hairstyles can be, especially those stunning styles for African American women, whose hair is naturally thick and dense.African Hair Braiding Flat Twist Styles

African Hair Braiding Flat Twist Styles

Some girls simply start blooming with flat hairstyles, while longer hair makes them ordinary. If you haven’t found your perfect  hairstyle yet or seek for new variations, if you do not know how to style your  hair for the coming party so that it looks chic, here is an abundant source of inspiration in pictures.

Senegalese Twist HairstylesVersatile Braids & Twists

Instead of standard two stands twist style, elevate your look with the addition of braids. Cornrows are a good choice for those who want a long lasting option. The long twists also provide versatility for various updos like mohawk or bun.

Marley Braid Hairstyles On Marley Braid HairLong & luscious Braid

While chunky natural twist styles are attractive, the weight can be very damaging on your hairline, especially for brittle processed hair. Slimmer twists are flattering, gorgeous in styling, and they allow you to protect your hair at the same time.

Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Hair On African American Braided UpdosUpdo With Braid

One benefit of large braid hairstyles is that they are not as time consuming as smaller styles. This African Hair Braiding Flat Twist Styles updo is an ideal option when you want to wear a statement style for a while, but do not have a lot of extra free moments.

Medium Twisted Side Braid PonytailMedium Twisted Side Braid Ponytail

While high ponytails and buns are fun, a low side braid ponytail seems more elegant and formal. Adding in a rolled detail elevates your African Hair Braiding Flat Twist Styles with more texture and visual interest.

Spider Web Braided StyleSpider Web Braided Style

This spider web braided design is fascinating. The combination of micro flat twists and thicker twists cornrows looks exquisite and harmonious. The asymmetry of the pattern is balanced by the freely handing twist, swept braided over the shoulder on the other side.