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Animals Nail Design For Medium Nails

Animals Nail Design for Medium Nails; In order to create some more impressive contrasts with your nails, you can also go further with the design interpretations, creating some nice design solutions with thematic prints like eye patterns, and, of course, some monochrome options for a visual background.

Animals Nail Design 2016

Animals Nail Design 2016

Animal print motives can also be your choice, matching those pattern ideas with colorful interpretations and just as interesting color combinations. So go for matching leopard prints with shades like light pink and gold and you will really like the results.

Animals Nail Art Designs 2016

Golden design interpretations do look great when implemented correctly, but when those designs turn into super scrupulous and flabbergasting patterns with mini beads and meticulously elaborated textures then the effect is really incomparable. So this is what you may also try out, picking a neutral shade like blue as a background and creating some really impressive designs.

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