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Beautiful Feet With Home Pedicure

We are going to talk about some steps how to get fresh and beautiful hands and feet at home and how to maintain that look without spending too much, it is not very difficult and if you will maintain this routine then it will take just 30-45 minutes twice a week and just 10 minutes daily, but I guess it is not too hard cause in this way you will rock your feet anytime and it will save up to $100 pounds a month too which you can use at something else.

Beautiful Feet With Home Pedicure
If you do not have pedicure equipments at home then you got to buy these once and then you can use them for many times to make your feet and hands clean.
You need a big tub where you can soak your feet it can be anything like Basin or a big container.

  • Nail clipper
  • Cotton pads or simple cotton, Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle cream or any oil that can work as cuticle softener
  • Cuticle pusher, and other equipments, and all these things will be in one pedicure set which will cost you I guess $25
  • Foot filer or lava stone
  • Towels/ foot scrub/ Foot moisturizer/ shampoo

You can use most of them for next full year and then you got to buy new set of them and that is not too expensive. First of all before you doing anything start with remove old nail polish and clean the all coats of nail shades and previous manicure and pedicure, you got to be completely clear for next step and for that remove any cosmetic you have over your nails after that get a tub full with worm water and some oil preferably any natural oil like mustard oil or almond oil and some salt in it and soak your feet in it if you feeling tired and need some relaxation then add rosemary in it and it will work as magic potion.

keep your feet in it for next 20-30 minutes and after that when you feel that they are soft and ready to clean now get your feet out of it and use any feet shampoo and brush to clean all the dirt from your feet, nails and hands and rub very carefully, you do not want to get your skin damaged or injured , Now use lava stone and remove dead skin and if you feel you can add some feet scrubber and rub your feet and heel with it.
After that massage some feet moisturizer and now trim all the shapeless nails and foil them with foliar and clean your cuticles too according to your own desire and then wash them careful completely and now apply some feet mask over your feet and let them rest for 15-20 minutes and that’s it, you are ready to go with any kind of shoes