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Blue Nail Art Tutorial with Detailed Steps

The nail art pros try different shades of blue to create fantasy and eye-catching nail art designs. Such nail designs are ideal for the girls who are inspired by the beautiful and lovely colors of the ocean.

Blue Nail Art Tutorial

Here is a simple and easy blue nail art tutorial that can help you flaunt your blue dress for any working party or special function. Let’s try and enjoy the fun.

Blue Nail Art Tutorial

Required Supplies:

  • Dark blue nail polish
  • Light blue nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Glitter silver nail polish
  • Dotting tool
  • Sponge

(Other manicure tools are also essential in order to prepare your nails)

Step 1:- First of all prepare your nails by giving them manicure treatment. Remove the traces of old nail polish and soak your hands in the warm water for few minutes. Now trim your nails and file them in an apt shape. Push back the cuticles. The last step of preparation is moisturizing your nails with an oil-free lotion.

Step 2:- After getting a manicure treatment, cover the surface of your nails by applying two fine layers of base coat. This step is essential to protect your nails from the destructive effects of colored polishes. Allow the base coat dry well before you start the next step.

Step 3:- Now, you are ready to adorn your nails with lovely blue art. Grab the light blue nail polish and dab it on the upper 2/3 portion of your nail using a piece of sponge. Leave the base bare. To avoid the wastage of nail polish, try to use the sponge with low absorbing capacity. Now cover the uppermost 1/3 part of nail by using dark blue nail polish with same procedure.

Step 4:- In the next step, grab the silver glitter polish and apply a fine coat on the surface of entire nail. This step will help the applied colors blend well. You can also use top coat instead of glitter polish.

Step 5:- Next dip a dotting tool in clear white nail polish and use it to paint 5 dots in the top side corner of nail. If the dotting tool is not available, use a tooth pick or ball point for this purpose. Your painted dots should resemble a flower.

Step 6:- Now make the centre of flower by putting a dot with dark blue polish. Blue rhinestone can also be used in the place of dark blue dot.

Step 7:- Repeat the steps 3-6 for your remaining nails and then seal the adventurous nail art design with topcoat.

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Blue Nail Art Tutorial with Detailed Steps