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Clean Your Nails

Keeping you finger and toe nails clean is not the matter of making them good looking only. Rather it can have an effect on your health. Bacteria and germs are always present on your nails and they can transfer into your mouth or skin any way and cause nasty infections. Therefore it is important to keep the nails utterly clean to avoid health concerns. A guide on how to clean you nails is given here:

Clean Your Nails

Invest in Nail Filer:- One of the tools that are needed to make the nails absolutely clean and dirt-free is nail file. Put into a nail filer, preferably the one with a pointed tip. Filer with pointed edge is devised specially to get the dirt out from under your nails gently. Its use is very easy and simple; you just put the filer underneath your nail at an angle, and scratch the grime out.

File the Nails:- After removing all dirt and other impurities from underneath the nail, begin with nail filing. Start filing the nail from the corners and work your way towards the center of the nails. Be sure filing nails in single direction or you will damage your nails.

Remove Old Nail Color:- Though this step should be followed before filing, it is fine to do it at this stage. Simply damp a cotton ball with nail enamel remover and press it over your nails. Rub your nails with the same piece of cotton until all the nail color is utterly removed.

Buff Nails:- Nail buffing is the next step. To make your nails pretty, hastily brush across your nails using a buffing tool. You may also use a nail filer for this purpose, but it is best to utilize a buffer. You may forgo the step, however, if your nails are thin enough to stand buffing.

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Apply Clear Nail Lacquer:- If repainting the nail polish isn’t included in your everyday nail cleansing routine, simply freshen up the existing nail color with light coat of clear nail polish. Clear lacquer will make your nails glossy and stronger.

Thorough Cleansing:- If your nails become really dirty anyway, dunk them in tepid water for almost five to ten minuets and then wash with soap and water.

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