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Cute Christmas Toe Nail Art Designs

Christmas Toe Nail Art Designs do you know your feet define your personality. One can judge your hygienic habits by just looking at the feet. Well-pedicured feet reveal that how much you are careful about your personality, while ugly feet show your careless attitude. Since the Christmas and holiday season come too close, you should pay some extra attention towards your feet and toenails. DIY pedicure is a best technique to bring back the lost attraction of your feet. Besides, you can opt for given-below Christmas toe nails art designs to beautify your feet for a Christmas or holiday party.

Cute Christmas Toe Nail Art Designs

Christmas Toe Nail Art

Peppermint Candy Toe Nail Art

Painting your toenails with peppermint candy toenail design is an excellent idea to show your Christmas and holiday spirits. For this, you need two different shades of nail polishes, candy pink and creamy peppermint shades. Follow these steps to create ravishing peppermint candy toe nails.

• Firstly apply the candy pink shade at angle towards the base of big toe.
• Use the creamy peppermint and candy pink shades to paint the rest of nail.
• Apply top coat to seal your toe nail art.
• At an angle on the big toe, make a line of golden studs to enhance the glory of your nail art.

Toe Nail Art Designs for Christmas

Red & White Big Toe Nail Art

Red and white are two of the traditional Christmas themes. Women use these two colors to create various Christmas nail art designs on fingernails. You can use this cute combination for adorning your toenails too. Here is an easy red & white toe nail art design especially for Christmas.

• Apply the base coat to all your toe nails and let it dry.
• Paint all toe nails with deep red nail polish, let them dry thoroughly.
• Draw a white pattern on the big toe nail using fine-quality thin nail art brush or if you have less time, apply a snowman nail decal on the big toe nail.
• Apply a top coat to give your toe nail art a finishing touch.

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