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Cute Designs for Short Nails & Nail Art Ideas Short Nails

Everyone can’t grow their nails long; for instance those who have to play instruments or who are working anywhere where long nail don’t work, are obliged to keep their nails short.But it does not mean that you cannot have wonderful looking nails! These designs for short nails are super simple, and can be created by anyone, at anytime.

Cute Designs for Short NailsCute Nail Designs For Short Nails

The French Manicure

This one is super easy, super quick and super fun. Two colors are needed to create the design; you can pick any tow colors of your choice. Feel free to use base and gloss layers if you want to male the nail lasting. If you have, use a base color first.Nail Art Designs Step By Step For Short Nails

Then apply the color that you want underneath (in a regular French manicure, it’s the light-pinkish color that covers most of the nail). Let it dry out first and then add the other color (in a French manicure, the white color) over the tips of your nails, so that the bottom is in a straight line. Let the second color dry off and finally use the gloss if you want.Cute Designs for Short Nails


This design looks fabulous and seems much harder than it actually is. To create the design, paint your nails in any dark color except black. You can go for medium brown or deep red shades. Earth tones work fairly better for the first coat. Let it dry out fully and then add dots to your nails with a bright colored nail polish- preferably with a color that doesn’t fade into your base coat.

Nail Polish Trend & Crackle Nail Polish-01

If fancy nails pens aren’t at hand, you can use a cotton swab to put dots. Be sure putting the dots apart, put more on the top and cut down as it goes down, sort of like a triangle with the point on the bottom, at the cuticle. Repeat the process with at least two more bright colors. Finally add gloss layer and even a bit glitter to finish the design.

Tiger Stripes

Nail Polish Trend & Crackle Nail Polish

One more pretty nail design for short nails is Tiger Stripes. It can be easily created with painter’s tape. First paint your nails with a base color of your choice. Apply two coats and allow it to dry out fully. After it is dry completely, cut triangles of the painter’s tape and arrange them on opposite sides of the nails in a way that they don’t touch. Now apply top coat in any color except the base color. Let the top coat dry and then remove the painter’s tape.