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Cute Easy Nail Designs

Nail Designing is getting very famous among the women of all ages but especially in young girls. Their interest toward nail designing made me seems that it has become as important as the other basic needs are. Nail design was introduced by the beautician and fashion designers a few years back but it could not get much attention by the women but during and after the London Olympic Games 2012 as many of the athletes has used designed nails during their performance and even celebrities started follow it.

Well, nail designing is not a profession it is an art it everyone can make unique nail designing by using creative ideas. As it is quite expensive and time consuming for common women to spend much of their time in the parlor for nail designing so here are some of the ideas for them that they can draw cute and beautiful designs by their own. Expert has introduced some of the ideas which are easy to draw at home without wasting much time and money.

here is the most easiest way to draw a nail design at home that is you need some of the common thing a nail polish scotch tape and again a nail polish with mat color and a shiner. So here we go first of all apply the nail polish with a simple color which you want to make your base color and let it dry for some moment when to be satisfied that it is dry enough for the next procedure. After that you have to apply a shiner on the nail polish. You can use a glittering shiner to add some more beauty well again let the shiner dry.

After it get dry enough to touch then cut the scotch tape in a border style and stick it on your nail but don’t press it hard well you need to deal with the rest of the piece because the border cut tape is not useful for you well then apply the rest peace to your nail and apply the nail polish with the mat color and wait for some while when it get dry remove the scotch tape and you will find the nail design on your hands with the border style.