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Decorate Your Nails With French Manicure Art

French manicure nail art is a popular type of manicure and nail art that gives your nails an appearance that is simply matchless to any other type of nail art. You can create the basic French Manicure look by using white or pink acrylic nail or gel nail extensions. Or you can use pink nail enamel and white polish for the tips if you want to work on your natural nails.

Basic Tips for French Manicure Nail Art

Decorating your nails with French manicure nail art is not a tough task. After performing the regular manicure, you can start with the French manicure nail art. For French manicure designs, basically your nail shape must be square, which best suits this nail art.

Next, the designs must be divided into two parts. In French manicure we have a pink base for the nails that stays against the nail bed and white for the nail tips starting from the smile line. Similarly you will have different designs on both the areas.

French Manicure Nail Art Ideas

Start French manicure nail art by applying nail polish with different colors for the base and tip of the nails. If you don’t want to have a comprehensive design then you can simply have glitter nail polish. Choose two opposing shades in these and use them to decorate your nails.

You can also select to have the pink and white nails with a delicate art piece. Keep the background color pink and white for the base and tip respectively, and just add a flower, heart, vine, etc.

One of the best French manicure nail art ideas is to start a scroll print from a corner of the base and extend it slightly over the tip. You can also decorate your nails with easy nail art designs like flowers, lines, dots or scroll prints. You can have these just for the nail tip or nail base or both.