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DIY Home Manicures Tips on How to Polish File and Buff Nails

With the declining economic condition and increasing inflation, the women now have cut down their beauty budget and they are skipping their weekly trip to expert nail technician for manicure and are doing manicure at home.DIY Home Manicures Tips

DIY Home Manicures Tips

However, having the knowledge of properly buffing and preparing nails can be challenging. If not done correctly, you can in fact damage your nails. So, check out these easy steps and know the right way to buff nails.Secrets of the perfect DIY manicure

Use Salon Products and Tools for the Best Results

Drugstores and departmental stores are today flooded with many different nail products and finding out which tools you need to buff your finger and toe nails properly can be somewhat tricky. However, if you take a trip to your nearest beauty store you will have to buy only a few products. A handheld nail buffer is one of the essentials of nail care or manicure supplies. They are identical to the emery boards; however they have many diverse colored panels and seem more similar to a foam block. If you want to do a self French manicure than you may need to pick grab a few bottles of colored or OPI polish in French white.Acrylic Nail Art Designs Ideas Trends

Before Filing or Buffing…..

Before your begin filing your nails, remove all the worn out nail polish, if any, with an acetone-free, gentle nail color remover. After removing the polish, dip your hands in tepid soapy water for almost 10 minutes. This way the skin and nails will be soften up and you will be able to buff your nails better and remove the undesirable cuticle areas. After removing your hands from water, dry up them completely.

Buff and File Nails the Right WayBuff and File Nails the Right Way

Now your nails are ready for buffing. Take your buffer and file nails as usual. Start buffing your nails with the roughest side of the buffer. Use a gentle side-to-side motion while buffing. This will even out any major edges your nails may have. Then after, repeat the process this time with the next roughest side of the buffer. Finally, polish your nails with the smoothest part of the buffer until they shine.

Applying Nail Polish and Hand Care Finishing TouchesApplying Nail Polish and Hand Care Finishing Touches

Once you have done with nail buffing, apply generous amount of your favorite lotion over your hand and dress them into cotton gloves. Wait for ten minutes before pulling your hands out of the gloves. Wash and dry your hands well and start painting them in your preferred color. Let the first coat of nail polish to lie down and put on another sheer coat. End up with a top coat and let it dry.