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DIY Nail Designs For Beginners

Nail designing has become very trendy in the fashion world almost every celebrity has tried this on their nail with the different and unique designs Katy Perry become very famous and become the top gossip of the Hollywood due to her frequent nail designs and after her Mila Kunis got the attraction of the people.

Well, these are celebrities and it is in their routine to visit beauty salons and parlors but if a common lady is concern they don’t have much money and time to spend just on nails like them. Well here are some of the important tips which can help you for nail designing.

DIY Nail Designs For Beginners

Expert has introduced some of the nail designs which is called as a DIY Nail Designs, DIY (Do it yourself) nail designs are getting very popular among the girls as it has save both of the things time and money and you can do it by yourself even at home, office, school and college. The most easiest way of DIY nail designing is using scotch tape on the nails to draw designs. It will save your time and money as well and you can make several of designs in just one cost, isn’t it really amazing?

First off all you need scotch tape and some of the nail polish of different color most likely the color you love to wear in dresses. Apply any of the color of nail polish you like to make a base and let it get dry.

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Now just cut the scotch tape in nail shape and make a nail wrap but before applying that nail wrap on the nail made another move and cut the tape from the edge in different border style and apply it on your nail and then apply the next color of your own choice it will make the border effect on your nails after getting sure that nail is dry remove the scotch tape you will fist your nails designed. You can make hundreds of the designs by using your creative mind and this technique.

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Easy Do it Yourself Nail Designs

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