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Easy Nail Designs – Simple Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Nail art designing is a fun and today it has become a symbol of style. Now a makeup look is considered incomplete without dressing up your nails. Easy Nail Designs

Easy Nail Designs

That is the reason every girl seems crazy about learning nail art designing. Through this post we will share with you some captivating nail art design ideas you can easily make by yourself at home; check them out;

Water Drop Nail ArtWater Drop Nail Art:

There would not be any water drops onto your nails but just the illusion. To create this exclusionary design get all of your nails covered with elegant black matte nail color and then stick tiny silver stones in either a uniform or scattered pattern over the nails. The stones will give the effect as you have water drops over your nails.

3D Nail Art3D Nail Art:

3D nail art is among the most applauded nail art designs these days.  So, if you have a party tonight, think about getting 3D nails and add a wow factor to your personality.

Feather Nail ArtFeather Nail Art:

Featuring the inspiring combo of Burgundy and black, feather nail art might be the best style option to compliment your Burgundy outfit.  Use Burgundy as the base color and add black quill-like patterns on two or more nails to finish the look.

Golden NailsGolden Nails:

This is arguably the easiest yet coolest version of nail art even a newbie can create equally well. Simply paint your nails golden and add two purple or maroon stripes on the nail tips. Finish off with a steady layer of top coat.

Pointed Nail ArtPointed Nail Art:

Pointed nail art is nothing less than a treat for acrylic nail lovers. Its pops the acrylic nails up just fabulously. For making a perfect look for pointed nails, first apply base coat and after it dries up fully cover all of your nails with multiple complimenting shades scattering them a bit with sponge to create the rainbow effect.