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Eat To Get Beautiful Nails

If you like to have beautiful nails then you need to understand that the visible part of your nails is dead tissue and that is the reason they don’t hurt when you trim your nails, they look so beautiful  if they are strong and shiny and if you don’t need to cover them with shiny shades to go out, but you cannot get beautiful  nails if you are not healthy inside, exactly the way that you cannot get beautiful  hair and skin if you are not beautiful  inside, so today I am sharing some foods that are ideal for your nails, teeth and for your hair too.

Eat To Get Beautiful Nails

Beans: – We all know that there are so many different types of beans are available in the market and they are very good source of biotin which is a kind of B vitamin which not only very good for your skin, nails hair and teeth, but it is very good for the immune system too it not only help with breakage of your nails, but it is very good for your nail growth too, so eat beans, any bean will work for your nails perfectly, just don’t overcook them.

Pumpkin Seeds: – Normally I say that all kind of seeds are good for your nails and healthy body, but Pumpkin seeds are the best since they are loaded with zinc which is very healthy for your system and it help you get beautiful nails from inside out, and Zinc also regulates the body’s ability to make new proteins which is the main and very important part of our body and nails too.

Broccoli & All Green Leafy Vegetables:- Broccoli and all green leafy vegetables are very good for a healthy lifestyle, these are very important to get healthy immune system, and it is very good source to get iron which is not only very healthy mineral, but it is another essential component for healthy nails.

Milk & Other Dairy Products: – The high calcium content in milk strengthens nails and makes them grow faster, and if you just add a plain glass of milk and add some milk products in your food then you will see a tremendous results not only in your looks, but in your system too, we all know that milk products are fattening and they make you gain some weight, but they are so good that I would say that you should drink milk and add some extra activities to get in shape, but never quit milk completely.

Water: – Last, but not the least, water is very good for your body, hair face and your nails, you not only get healthy thick and moisturizer hair and nails with that, but you will get smooth and moisturizer face with that too, so stay hydrated for millions of reasons.

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