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Elegant Short Nail Designs For College Girls

The plain manicured nails with a simple coat of polish no longer make a fashion statement. Today, Nail art has emerged to be very popular amongst most females especially in teenage girls. Nail art designs are very suitable for nails that have undergone a French manicure as this type of manicure provides a good base for nail art.

Many readymade options available on the market which provide you detailed nail art designs and you can create various designs for short and long nails at home with innovative designs and artistic touches.

Elegant Short Nail Designs For College Girls

Short nail designs are more popular amongst school and college girls because the patterns chosen for such designs are attractive, fashionable and simple. Let’s see some of the beautiful designs of nail art for short nails.

Elegant Designs for Short Nails:

The designs for short nails should be simple as too much decoration would spoil their natural beauty. Simple designs could be done easily at home with nail paints or nail decorative material.

  • Celestial Work:- The beauty of the nails can be enhanced with shining moon and twinkling stars. You will need aqua blue or dark blue color nail paint for the base coat. Polish the nail smoothly and allow it to dry completely. In the meantime collect nail stickers having moons and stars on it. Take out the stickers and paste them on the nails to give celestial theme on your nails.
  • Glitters and Stones:- The best of all short nail designs is created with sprinkling glitters and stones. You don’t need to wait for the base color to dry. Sprinkle the glitter and the stones in specific fashion on the freshly applied nail polish. They will get glued to your nails along with the base color adding elegance to your short nails.
  • Polka Dots:- If you are looking for some quick to do, cute and easy short nail designs then try the polka dot patterns. Dots are the easiest to do. You can do white dots on a base coat of red, or on white do rainbow-colored dots. Or you can paint different sizes of dots with one single color.

Stripes Design:- You can Paint diagonal funky bright colored stripes on your nails. Make sure you keep the color coordination same for all the nails.

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