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Essential Vitamins for Nails Development

Essential Vitamins for Nails Development – All of us love having pinkish, healthy and well-manicured robust nails. Our hair and nails are made up of protein called keratin. The proper growth of hair and nails cannot be possible without the essential vitamins. So, inclusion of vitamins in your diet is necessary to if you are aiming to get beautiful, stronger and longer nails. Let’s find out that which vitamins are essential for proper hair and nail growth.

Vitamin Needed For Strong Nails

Vitamin A:- One of the main reasons of brittle and dry nails is the deficiency of Vitamin. You should include foods rich in vitamin A to make your nails healthier and stronger. Major sources of this vitamin are cheese, milk, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach.

Vitamin B12:- Vitamin B12 is also considered one of the most significant vitamins for strong nails. This crucial vitamin helps in encouraging nail development and healthy color of nails. The foods rich in vitamin B12, helps to treat dry and dull nails. Liver, beef, yogurt, cheese, eggs, ham and tuna are great sources of vitamin B12. Accompanied by vitamins, some other important supplements are also required to promote strong and sturdier looking nails.

Calcium:- Calcium plays a significant role in the development of nails and hairs. Due to calcium deficiency, the nails tend to become fragile. To provide an adequate amount of calcium to your body, you should eat more of cheese, figs, almond, and dairy products.

Folic Acid:- Iron deficiency is a main cause of a serious nail disease called ‘spoon nails’, in which the shape of the nail becomes concave. Sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables, lettuce, spinach and green peas are leading sources folic acid.

Proteins:- Deficiency of proteins leads the formation of white bands across the nails as well as makes the nails weak and brittle. You can increase the intake of proteins by eating red meat, chicken, egg and low-fat dairy products.

Zinc:- If you have observed white spots on your nails, it may be an indication of zinc shortage in your body. You should eat chicken, boiled peas, cashews, yogurt, milk and crabs to overcome zinc scarcity.

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