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Exquisite Nail Art Design Ideas

Nail art is a tradition that has never been faded at any time. As the time passed, new and modern styles of nail decoration had been introduced by coming generations. In earlier, mostly women as well as girls decorated their nails using Henna color, and then it was replaced by different shades of nail polishes and nail paints. Now there is a wide range of nail decorative products available in the markets to enhance the beauty of your nails.

How to Create Nail Art Designs

To creating fetching nail designs, first of all you need to file your nails appropriately with the help of a nail filer. Now apply the base coat on your nails and then a coat of nail polish. Now let it dry appropriately. When the nail color becomes dry, you can start painting the nails with the help of a toothpick dipped in your desired nail color. Acrylic paints, brushes, beads, etc. can also be used for creating more gorgeous designs. In the end, you should apply a final coat on your nails and add glitters as per your choice.

Nail Art Design Ideas

  • As new nail color trends, nail decorative material and artistic designs have been introduced by different communities, it becomes a major worry for women to select colors and designs for specific occasion. In past, nail polishes in red and pink color were considered as perfect selection to create any nail art design but now along with red and pink, gold and blue are also widely used colors for nail art.
  • Liquid and powder nail extensions are known as acrylic nails. Applying acrylic nails is also becoming a poplar fashion nowadays. Some classical fantasy shades could be attained by combining different colored powders.
  • Some other fascinating nail designs can be created by using glitters, dried flowers, crushed shells, pearls, beads and even stones. These designs impart a stylish appearance to your nails.
  • French style nail designs are also considered as one of the stylish and exclusive nail art designs, which give your hands a classy look.
  • If you are looking for nail designs for specific occasion such as wedding, you should go for more tricky designs. A popular trend in nail art designs for “Wedding day” is inserting gemstones, rhinestones and pearls on your nails.