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Five Basic Nail Art Tools

Nail art tools are essential to create any type of nail art designs. Whether you are home user or a professional nail technician, you must have some basic supplies for embellishing the nails with lovely nails designs.

Five Basic Nail Art Tools

Let’s have a look at the basic nail art tools…

1. Nail polishes

Nail polishes are one of the basic requirements for enjoying nail art fun. Nail polishes are available on the markets in a variety of shades manufactured by different companies. While purchasing any nail polish, don’t prefer low-cost product but always consider the quality. You can save few dollars by buying inexpensive nail polish but it will make your nails discolored and weak. Some reliable nail polish brands are Orly, China Glaze, OPI, Sally Hansen and Essie.

Along with the colored nail polish, transparent base coat and top coat are also essential for nail art. The base coat protects your nails from harmful effects of colored nail polishes and gives your nail art a cool and neat finish. On the other hand, top coat helps your manicure lasts for long time period in addition to giving your design an attractive sheen.

2. Nail dotter

Another thing that is essential for making any nail design is a nail dotter. This tool helps you create dots and circle-patterns. Nail dotters are available on the cosmetic and beauty stores in a variety of sizes. The best option is picking out the nail dotter that has a small nib on one side and medium-sized round nib on the other. While using the nail dotter for painting dots on your nails, dip it in your selected nail polish and put some dots on the plastic sheet until you get the perfect size and required consistency and then use it on your nail.

3. Nail strippers

Nail strippers are basically nail polishes, which come with a fine-quality thin and long brush. This tool help you in painting straight lines in your nail design as well as adding random flicks. Nail strippers are available in a wide range of colors. However if you don’t want to invest on different colored nail strippers, you should buy a nail stripper brush.

4. Stationery tape

Stationary is also one of the important nail art accessories. It assists you in painting super-neat geometrical and striped nail designs. Cut the stationary tape in desired shape or stripe and stick it on the surface of your nail and then paint over it. Remove the tape after making it sure that your paint has dried properly. You can use the tweezers to remove the tape.

5. Nail art brushes

Nail art brushes are necessary for making complicated nail art designs like cute flower nail design, zebra stripes design or butterfly design etc. These brushes come in various types including thin brush, flat angled brush and fan shaped brushes. You can conveniently purchase these brushes in a set in affordable price.