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Flat Twist With Weave Ponytail

Flat Twist With Weave Ponytail; Pull the hair away from your face and gather it in the back of your head in a ponytail. Ponytails are not only for the gym. There are so many different ways to do them. In this post you can see  cute and easy Flat Twist With Weave Ponytail. You can do them by yourself and all you need are brush, bobby pins and elastics.

Flat Twist With Weave PonytailFlat Twist With Weave Ponytail

Flat Twist With Weave Ponytail never go out of fashion and that may be because they are so versatile. There are endless ways to wear a pony sleek, textured, perky, straight, high, low.

Curly Twist Weave PonytailCurly Twist Weave Ponytail

This style features another variation of  flat twists and curls  for a polished look. Any face shape suits this style. Long smooth hair is recommended for the best result. If you would like a more protective style, braid the back of the hair and sew in a  curly weave.

Braided Crown do ponytailBraided Crown do ponytail

This style features micro braids in  three twists for a queen like crown. Section braids from ear to ear. Part front section into 3 sections. Twist all sections into bun. Leave braids in the back out for half up do. If possible, curl the ends of braided hair. Any face shape suits this style. Any length and type of hair suits this style.

Rop Braids PonytailRop Braids Ponytail

Any onecan wear this simple yet beautiful style with rop braid hair added for fullness. Prep dry hair with setting spray to ensure that the final look lasts. When we want to not worry about the hair getting in our face, the ponytail is the perfect option.

Puffy Twist PonytailPuffy Twist Ponytail

If you are looking for a style the blends well with thick natural wavy hair this twisted puffy ponytail is perfect. A puffy pony tail is a great way to get a little texture into your roots.

Mohawk PonytailMohawk Ponytail

This look blends thin cornrows in an intricate design, jumbo merley twists and a Mohawk ponytail for a standout style. Definitely not the look for a professional environment, but this is perfect for a fun night on the town.