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French Tip Nail Art Ideas

Having perfectly manicured nails is easy and not too complicated till we are using the tight tools and right kind of shade and shapes, if you know your nails and if you are confident that you can handle beautiful and classy nails then French nails are best, some people thing that they are boring, but I hardly doubt it, you can use all of your imagination with these French tips too and that is the main reason behind this post, we are going to show you how many designs are available to use your creativity with beautiful  French manicures.

French Tip Nail Art Ideas

Sequined French Tips:- I would say that this is one of my all time favorite glamorized French tips you can try, they are beautiful and they are so cute and if you are missing the shiny and glittery touch with your French manicures then you should not anymore, be as creative as you like and the best thing about that is, you use the tips so you can change the look as many times as you like, if you see this one that it is a very cute blue base and then some nice patterns of ferns with white are making the nails look so classy and so glamorous and then they did use some silver sequins which look so catchy.

Water Decal Designer French Tips:- normally we use plain white shade for the tips in French tips, but you don’t really have to all the time, you can change the look with changing the shade within a minutes like this black and white one, they picked a plain black base coat and then they used some star water decals and give it a rock star look.

Duo Colored French Tips:- It is not new, but the trends are new, we have done that mat black and shiny tip last winter too, but now you just don’t have to use the same shade for both finishes, you can sue shiny one for tip and a completely different shade for the nails too and if you want to spice things up then use a plain tip with a cracked nails and it look so rock.

French Tips in Leopard Print:- who does not like animal print, I cannot think of anyone, but if you like a French tip that means you would be missing the leopard print trend completely, not anymore, why don’t you dry plain transparent nails and then leopard tips? It looks beautiful and trendy.

There are millions of ideas, you just need to let your creativity bird fly free and see what it brings back for you.

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