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Fungal Nail Infection Symptoms Causes and Preventation

What is Fungal Nail Infection?

Fungal nail infection or onychomycosisn is a common nail disease, which may affect the nails of finger and toes. However toenails are more prone to get affected by this infection. The severe condition is caused by a yeast called ‘Candida albicans’ that can thrive in moist environment. So the sportsmen (like runners, footballers etc) and the people who have to constantly work in water, are at the higher risks of fungal nail infection.

Fungal Nail Infection Symptoms Causes and Preventation

In this disorder, initially the nail becomes flaky and dry. You can feel a white appearance on your nail. It the next step the yeast enters in the skin of nail and makes the nail nastier. In the case of leaving it untreated, nail eventually falls off, and doesn’t grow again correctly until the completion of treatment.
Symptoms of Fungal Nail Infection

There are many symptoms of fungal nail infection including nail discoloration, roughness and thickening of nail, appearance of streaks and yellow or white spots under the tip of nail. Extreme pain and tenderness also may be an early indication of fungal nail infection. In some cases, the nail separates out from the nail bed.

Causes and Preventation of fungal nail problems

The main cause of fungal nail infection is spread of fungi under the nail. The fungus may infect an injured or broken nail. Several factors are involved in the developing this severe condition.

Warm and moist environment is ideal for the fungus to spread. At such public places it can spread from person to person, so try to avoid walking barefoot in public changing rooms, showers and pools.

Many health conditions like diabetes, poor immune system, having problems with your circulation, also put you at the increased risks of getting affected by fungal nail infections. If you have notices any of these health conditions, treat it first and then cure the fungal infection.

Wearing very tight footwear, working in a moist or humid environment and using low-quality tools also are some other reasons of fungal nail infection.