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Fungal Toenail Infection in Children

Fungal toenail infection may be an embarrassing factor for your child. The children, who are suffering through this severe condition, prefer to hide their toenails in shoes or socks, which delivers a suitable environment for fungi to grow well. So consultation with a podiatrist or child specialist is necessary to cure your kid’s toenail infection.

Fungal Nail Infection in Children

Causes of Fungal Toenail Infection in Children:

Child’s toenail fungal infection causes a hurtful aroma, which can be smelled across the room. In this severe disease, your child’s toenail begins to become thick, edges become crumble and brittle, and nail’s shape starts to change. The natural color of nail is pinkish but after suffering to a fungal infection, the toenails lose its shine and original color due to debris under the nail.

The main cause of fungal toenail infection is microscopic organism ‘fungi’ that tends to develop in moist, dark and warm environment. Locker rooms, gym shoes, pools, showers, socks and sweaty shoes are the main homes of fungi.

Fungal Toenail Infection in Children

How to Cure Fungal Toenail Infection in Children:

Make it sure that your child washes his feet regularly and dry his feet appropriately. This is a best way to prevent the toenail infection in children. The threats of fungus development can be minimize by using the sprinkle anti-fungal powder inside your child’s shoes. Instead of wearing the cotton or wool socks, it is better to use the synthetic socks. Tell your kids to wear shoes in showers and public locker rooms.

You can reduce the risks of fungal infection in children by using the above mentioned tips but if you failed to prevent this hurtful condition then consult with your child specialist, who would take sample of your child’s toenail, observe it under a microscope.
This procedure helps the health specialist determine the accurate way for treating your child. Terbinafine and itraconazole are oral antifungal medications.

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