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Gel Nails With Nail Varnish

Gel Nails With Nail Varnish- Today we are going to talk if we can apply nail polish to gel nails? If we can use any kind of design or any kind of nail art on gel nails? What do you think? I guess many of you would say that this is a horrible idea and this will ruin the nails and money too which you spend on these nail. Well! Be honest, that is not very much true and it is not a very big deal.

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Using Painting, polish or any kind of nail art over gel nails is not something that will ruin your nails at all. Gel is not anyway different from acrylic or fiberglass or silk wraps, you can do any kind of experiment with your gel nails they are nothing but nails enhancement product.

Usually people pick gel nails because they cannot use acrylic or any other kinds, may be because of allergies or may be due to lighter weight enhancement, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy other accessories which they could with other nail enhancement products . Actually, personally I feel that gel is the best alternate of natural nails, they are thinner than acrylics and more flexible too, if it is suitable for your atmosphere then it is best for you.

You just need to find a best or better nail salon to get gel nails and expert technician to remove the polish or manicure art and you are absolutely fine with the gel nails, but if your technician is using a liquid and powder and saying that she /he is giving you gel nails then it is wrong, you are 100% getting acrylics, gel nail is gel when they apply gel nails they will apply gel, Literally! And you will see them setting in UV lamp.

You just need to be sure that you are getting what you demanded and then you can apply anything you want with some expert technicians:)

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Gel Nails With Nail Varnish