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Get Shiny Nails Without Nail Polish

There are lots of things that we can do to get beautiful nails like nails shades, nail accessories and other nail equipments, but we do know that nothing is better than natural nails and today we are going to share some simple tips to get beautiful shiny nails with some simple steps and for that you don’t need to use artificial nails or you need to use top coat or base coat, so shell we?

Get Shiny Nails Without Nail Polish

First of all you need to dip your nails in worm soppy water for 20 minutes and then brush all the dirt of your hands and clean your nails and fingers in very details and you need to be really very careful and calm and apply some moisturizer in your hands and now you need to give your nails and hand half an hour to get set and now apply a thin layer of cuticle oil to all of your nails and you need to cover your nails at all, and then use the coarsest side of the buffer to smooth out ridges and other imperfections of your nails and keep rubbing your nails with coarsest side and then use the next coarsest side of the buffer and keep an eye on the shine and then use the smoothest side of the buffer an you need to use the steps for 1-5 seconds and see the magic in your nails.

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Now we are going to help you with some simple tops to get beautiful and shiny nails and you will be able to get beautiful nails for rest of your life. First thing that you need to eat healthy and you need to keep your nails and your hands neat and clean and use olive oil to massage your hands and you can use olive oil and sugar to scrub your hands too.

Avoid applying nail polishes on a regular basis and if you have to then use base coat too and you should try the mildest nail polish remover to remove the nail polish from your nails.

Get Shiny Nails

Soak your nails in warm water thrice a week and add hand shampoo, dry and damaged hair conditioning gel and sweet Almond oil in it and soak your nails in it for 20 minutes at least three times a day. Rub lime juice or lemon slice to clean your nails and it will give your nails some shine too.

Use garlic juice on your nails and rub them with soft hands for couple of minutes and then wear some gloves and soaks every night to get beautiful, strong and pink shiny nails.