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Guidelines for Manicure

You nails call for consistent care and attention and if not given due attention they become weak and scruffy. For keeping the fingernails healthy, shiny and gorgeous, a regular manicure is crucial.

You can get a self or DIY manicure at home or visit a salon to get it from a professional. This article provides you a simple and brief guideline about how to inspect the cleanliness of the salon for the safety of your fingernails.

Here are some guidelines for nail care

If you visit a salon to get a professional manicure then first thing you should do is to look around and check out if the salon is offering an absolutely clean and hygiene environment to the client. Also look into the salon bathroom and check out the level of cleanliness there. If you are satisfied then ask the professionals if they use new manicure kit for each client, if not then do they sterilize the tools properly each time after they end up with someone’s manicure.

  • It is also important to look for satisfactory air-freshening and air-cleaning equipment as the room where you get manicure should be well-ventilated and free of any kind of impurities. The below given guideline will enable you to judge the cleanliness of the salon.
  • While getting manicure, make it sure that the tools that are being used are absolutely sterilized as the dirty ones can cause infections like nail-fungus, warts and Hepatitis B etc. It is much better to bring your own manicure kit even if you are getting a salon manicure. This will reduce the risk of getting infections to a remarkable extant.
  • Make it sure that the professional who is giving you manicure has washed her hands thoroughly.
  • Check out the towels and napkins too that are place under your hands during a manicure. Ask for a replacement if they are not clean enough. Also closely inspect the soaking bowl and water as it is the matter of your fingernails’ health.
  • Don’t allow the technician to cut your cuticles; this will increase the odds of infection.
  • Learn how to get a DIY manicure and give yourself a perfect manicure at home.