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Halloween Nail Art Tutorial & DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas

As soon as Halloween hits the corner people start looking for Halloween-appropriate costumes, makeup and hairstyles. A new trend that has been observed this season is creating terrifying patterns onto the nails so as to make the nails complement the event. Considering the newest trend, I have created an easy Halloween nail art tutorial for you people. Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial

It’s quite easy to create if you know a few simple steps:

Stuff Required

Stuff needed to create Halloween nail art include five different nail colors (preferably green, red, white, black and orange), Q-tip, mixing palette, dotting tool, base coat and top coat.


Put on base coat and after it is dried, paint all your four fingernails with different nail colors you’ve picked. I have painted the pinky fingernail white, ring fingernail red, index fingernail orange and the last one green. Paint the thumb nail black.

Next up, with the help of dotting tool, put three black dots onto your white nail. This pattern would resemble the ghost face.

Using black paint, draw hair onto the green nail. Thereafter, make two white dots and top them with black dots; these are its eyes. Finish off with its mouth created with 3 clear black strokes. It now resembles a stitch.

Draw pumpkin face on the orange nail

On the red nail, draw a black heap from nearby the base of your nail all the way upto the middle of your nail.

Now, you’re done with all fingernails. Leave the thumb as it is and seal the design with a top coat.Halloween Nails Superb Nail Art Tutorial Halloween nails polish design

With the help of a Q-tip remove any color that might have spilled out staining the skin around your nails and you’re done.