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Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights On Top

Dark brown hair with highlights is a popular style of hair now, mainly because, in the past, only those who had blonde hair or lighter colored hair were able to get highlights that stood out. However, that has all changed now. Blondes are known for having the most fun, and with all of the amazing trends in blonde highlighting.

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights On Top

Highlights On Top

With modern technology and the ability to produce just about anything the human mind can imagine, we can now give something to women that used to be a what if.No, it’s not endless money or jewelry but it is the ability to produce stunning highlights in dark hair. You see, years ago, the only people you saw with highlights were those with lighter colored hair.

When it comes to hair color, women like to experiment with a variety of shades. A new hair color can make you look different overnight. Girls with brown hair can have a makeover with Blonde highlights. As a matter of a fact, brown hair with blonde highlights is one of the biggest fashion trends that are in right now.

First of all, you need to decide which effect you like to achieve. Some ladies opt for subtle ombre or highlights which add radiant glints to the basic hair color, looking very natural.

Brown Curls Highlight On Top

Brown highlights on top, sprinkled throughout curly looks, make luxurious look even more impressive. To develop the idea of black and red color combination on top is excellent.

Brown Curls Highlight On Top

Highlight Bangs On Shoulder Length Highlights On Top

Light brown can serve as a base for different colored streaks which accentuate a person’s facial features. This simple brown hair with blonde highlights look can make you look stylish.

Highlight Bangs On Shoulder Length

Creamy Blonde Highlights On Top

Soft, creamy blonde highlights that are combined with medium rich brown highlights is both a soft and eye catching color combination. The blonde highlights vary between fine to medium thickness, while the highlights stay on the thicker side.

Creamy Blonde Highlights On Top


Cool Layered Highlights On Top

Face brightening highlights look great on just about everyone. The softness that these light and dark blonde highlights brings is easy to maintain and have a softer grow in than their chunkier counterparts.

Cool Layered Top Highlight

Rainbow color Highlights On Top

If you like shoulder length hair, then experiment with a new style, like this shoulder length haired style with a side flip. The rainbow and brown tones of the hair make it look stylish and different.

Rainbow color Top Highlight

Reddish Patch Highlights On Top

This reddish patch on top highlight with dark brown look eye catching. Reddish color will enhance your eye color make your skin glowing.

Reddish Patch Top Highlight