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Home Remedies for Whitening Yellow Fingernails

Discolored or yellow fingernails are one of the common nail disorders. There are several factors that can contribute in making nails yellowish. In the females, the main reason behind the discoloration of nails is frequent use of nail polishes, while smoking may also cause discolored and yellow nails. Sometimes, yellow nails are an indication of any severe disease.

Nail Whitening Effective Home Remedies

Regardless of the reasons behind the discoloration, the people having yellow nails find them embarrassing and try different techniques to bring their nails back to the original color. If you also are troubling with the same issue, try following most effective home remedies to whiten the yellow nails.

Denture Tablets:- Soaking the fingernails in the mixture of denture tablets and water is one of the most effective home remedies to whiten and brighten the discolored nails. The procedure is quite easy, you just have to dissolve the tablets in water and soak your nails in it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure on daily basis until you get beautiful and gleaming nails.

Lemon Juice:- When it comes to whiten fingernails through natural ingredients, the lemon juice comes at top. The excellent bleaching properties of lemon give it a global eminence for treating skin blemishes and scars as well as yellow nails. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze its juice in a medium-size bowl. Soak your fingernails in the lemon juice for at least 15 minutes. After that, wash your hands and use a good-quality lotion to moisturize them. To attain maximum results, repeat this home remedy at least three times a week.

Lemon Essential Oil:- Lemon essential oil is a best thing that you can use for moisturizing your fingernails and cuticles. This wonderful oil is very effective to whiten and brighten discolored fingernails. You just have to soak your fingertips in the sufficient amount of lemon essential oil for 10-15 minutes.

Base Polish:- The harsh chemicals found in nail polishes, nail paints and other nail decorative materials can make your fingernails yellow and discolored. To avoid the damaging affects of such chemicals, cover your fingernails with a layer of clear base coat before the application of nail polish.

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