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How Spa Manicure is Better than a Normal Manicure

A spa manicure is one of the spa treatments, which is used for the hands and fingernails. The spa manicure is a little expensive than normal manicure even if you do it yourself at home because the products and procedure used in this are different.

How Spa Manicure is Better than a Normal Manicure
How Spa Manicure is Better than a Normal Manicure

Other features of this spa manicure are that, there are more steps involved in spa manicure, there are scrubs and masks used, and the effect of the manicure lasts longer than usual manicures.

Spa Manicure Products

If you are planning to get your spa manicure done at home, you need to collect the basic spa manicure products. Make sure you select the best possible products for your hands and also remember that the spa manicure products which you are using do not cause any allergy on your hands. Getting herbal spa manicure products is always the best option.

Spa Manicure Procedure

First of all remove any kind of polish you have on your nails. Now warm some water in a tub and use scented soaps in it. After the water is perfectly warm and the soaps are mixed well in it, soak your hand in it for ten minutes. While doing so, gently rub your hands once in a while. Till this is done you can enjoy music or reading something. This is an essential step of spa manicure as hands are one of the most exposed parts of body; there is tan, dirt, perspiration, and many other impurities which make the skin rough and weak.

In the next step, exfoliate and remove the dead skin with a good quality scrub. While scrubbing, make sure you are not rubbing your hands firmly. This will help you remove the dead skin. After the scrub is removed, apply nail butter on nails and cuticles and keep for 5 more minutes.

Once the nail butter is massaged on the nails and cuticles, use a good hand mask – which is free from bleach or any other harmful ingredients – with the help of a brush over the entire hand and wrap your hands in warm towels for about 15 minutes.
After removing the mask, massage your hands and nails with aroma massage oils, it helps in relaxing the muscles of the skin and improves the blood flow in these areas.

The last step includes applying hand cream, after the oils are removed and then tighten the cuticles and shape the nails.