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How to Do Basic Nail Care by Jayla Pinkney

Jayla Pinkney is a renowned nail expert known everywhere for creating snap-guide of different nail art designs. Recently she shared a few nail-care secrets to perfect, strong and robust nails. Find out her expert suggestions below to keep your nails gorgeous all the time.

How to Do Basic Nail Care by Jayla Pinkney

The nails are the support of our finger, they help us to pick thing up therefore it necessary to use them properly. Misusing the nails can leave them brittle, fragile and prone to breakage. Hence, never use your nails as tool for undoing screws, removing staples, opening can and scratching something.

Make it a routine to moisturize your hands and nails daily. You don’t have to spend extra time for this; you can do it while watching TV. Proper moisturization keeps your nails strong.

Never resort to nail biting; it’s something extremely harmful for your nails. Besides damaging your nails and putting you at risk for infection, it weighs down your personality too.

Hygiene is the key to health and beauty so always make sure to keep your nails clean. You may have worn very expensive outfit and salon quality makeup, but if your nails are dirty, they’re enough to ruin your look. Get them trimmed often and clean the skin under the nails regularly to get rid of any accumulated dirt and grime.

Do wear rubber gloves while doing house chores so as to protect your nail from coming in direct contact with water and detergents that may prove harsh on your nails.

If your nails are weak and more susceptible to splitting and breakage easily, try to keep them short and trimmed always. Moreover, use a nail-hardener to stiffen your nails a bit.