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How to Do Disco Nails

Gone are the days when the application of one or two sheers of an apt nail color was considered enough to prepare your nails for any special event. Nowadays almost every female is fascinated by unique and attractive nail art designs and wish to draw the attractions of people through her nails decorated with lovely designs. Certain nail spas and beauty salons offer newest nail designs but visiting nail salons is not affordable for college girls due to their limited budget and time.

Nail Art Ideas Easy

Creating comprehensive nail art designs is a bit difficult and requires a lot of practice and patience. For the girls who have less experience with nail art, disco nails are the perfect choice. The traditional color of disco nails is silver but you can try your desired glitter nail polish to do disco nails. Rock this nail design for any special event and enjoy the attentions of others.

How to do Disco Nails:

• As like other nail designs, disco nail art also require a clear canvas to be nice looking. Before starting with disco nails, cleanse all remainders of old nail polishes and oils from the surface of your nails.
• Glitter nail polishes tend to scratch up the surface of nails so you should cover up the surface of your nail by applying a thick layer of base coat to prevent the probable damages.
• Now paint your entire nail using a nail polish in the matching color of glitter nail polish. If you are using silver glitter, apply black as a base color.
• In the next step, apply two coats of apt glitter polish. Make it sure that your first coat is dried completely before you apply the second one.
• Give your nail art design a trendy look by adding three colorful rhinestones in the center of each nail in a straight line.
• Seal the fantastic disco nail design with a clear topcoat.

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