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How To Do Nail Designs at Home For Short Nails

Every girl want to get design her nails as it has become very trendy now a day. Nail Designing trend is not new in the fashion industry but it been applying by the women from years but during and after the London Olympics Games 2012 it became very famous because of the female athletes.

Easy to Do Nail Art For Short Nails

Many of the Athletes used nails designs to show their love and fist toward their Profession and Olympics even some of the athletes has flown their country’s flag on their nails. Well, it is quite hard for all the women to spend much of their time and money in the parlor for nails design.

As the nails design is getting very important among the women here are some of the tips for the women who have short nails that they can design their nails from home. Short nails quite easy to design even though home even they can change the style of the nails designs on the daily basis and it is not time consuming and you will find it economic. So you need to have some of the accessories for your nail designing these are easily available at your wardrobe; two nail polishes of different color, nail shiner, toothpick, glitter and Paper glue.

First of all you have to wash your hand with soap to avoid the skin oil and apply the nail polish of the color which you want as your base, on small nails and let it dry when you find it got dry apply the shiner and wait again for some whiles. Now it’s time to add some twist now take the other nails polish and dip the toothpick in that nail polish and drop on the nail you have to make the dots on the nail in the pentagon style to make a flower scene or you can draw some other design according to your mind.

Well, you can also use toothpick with narrow and broad tip. Ok after you done with the design now mix the glue with glitter and apply on some of the dots to make it more stylish. Here is the nail design which you have made at your home.

Simple Nail Designs For Short Nails step by step

Easy to Do Nail Designs For Short Nails at Home

Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails step by step

How To Do Nail Designs at Home For Short Nails

Easy Nail Designs at Home For Short Nails