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How To Do Nail Designs at Home

Nail Designing at home is not a problem anymore as there are hundreds of ways has been discovered by the experts and beautician by which you can enjoy nail designing by yourself at your home so no wastage of time and money. But you also should be careful about the problems which can be happen to you because of using some harmful solution to your skin and nail. Well, there are many of the easy way to draw your own design on the nail at home here i am going to narrate the one which I find the easiest.

How to Do Nail Designs at Home For Short Nails

So, here is the easiest way first off all make sure that your nails are well shaped if not then try to make them shaped first. Well after giving them fine shape washed your hands with soap and rinse thoroughly to avoid the natural oil. Here you need some of the accessories like, a bowl, three nail polishes with different colors, one cuticle sticks, cotton and nail polish remover.

First of all apply one of three nail polishes on your nails as it will become the base of your nail designs and let it dry. Means while fill the bowl with the normal temperature water.

Then pour some drops of 2nd colored nail polish on the surface of the water and wait for some while it should not be dissolved in the water and during that procedure do not pop the water bowl, take the third colored nail polish and drop a few drop of that nail polish on the surface of the and nail polish it will not dissolved with each other.

Take the cuticle sticks and make a design in the colors which are sinking on the surface of the water. after making a design of your desire dip your nail tip slowly on that design and pull and let them dry you will find the marble shaded nail design on your nails, remove the nail polish from the skin using cotton soaked with nail polish remover and here your nail are ready with the Marble shaded nail design.

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