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How To Do Nail Designs For Short Nails

Nail design has become very popular among the ladies during and after Olympics. it has become an important fashion trend which is as necessary as the other things are ladies spent a lot of time in the beauty parlor for the nail designing but here is a way by which you can try nail design at your home without wasting of time and money. Here first of all you should be sure that what kind of nails you have got because all the designs are not suitable for same nails different kind of nails have different designs. You should choose those designs which suits best to you.

Easy Nail Patterns For Short Nails

Here are I am going to narrate the designs which are suitable for the ladies who have got short nails. These kinds of nail are quite suitable for the simple and light designing they will not go best with funky style.

Here is a tip that if you choose the color combination design it will surely make your personality impressive and attractive and the texture you are going to choose for your nail should be in vertical style from root to nail tips. Shape your nails from the outside edge toward the middle, moving the emery board in one direction only rather than sawing it back and forth which damages the nail.

Well, the most easiest design is the take a bright color nail polish and apply it on your nails then let it dry when it got dry apply a shiner on the nails and then take a scotch tape and cut it in different style and paste the tape on your nail. than its time to make the twist, simply apply the next color on the nail polish over the scotch tape. Let it dry after it got dry carefully remove the tape and you will find the nail design on your hand made by your own.

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