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How To Do Nail Designs With A Toothpick

Keeping the idea of nail designing in the view experts are exploring the new ways for the nail designing they are introducing the women with the ideas which can help them for the nail designing. A famous beautician has made the nails designing more easy for the women even they can draw it from their home. The most stunning thing has been introduced by the experts is toothpick. They have introduced a lot of designs for the nails using toothpick.

How to Use Toothpicks For Nail Designs

Toothpick has become very important stuff for the nail designing and there are a lot of designs which can be made by using toothpick. Here are some of the designs which can be made easily by using toothpick as the color picker and dropper and even for the nail painting. It is French Manicure style, first of all wash your nail and make them oil free and then apply a transparent color shiner on the nail and apply the whitener under the nail tip and then. Starting apply the nail polish on the nail with the help of toothpick in the form of dots using different color of nail polish. You can use thick toothpick and thin toothpick to give it more appeal.

Here another nail design which can be made by the help of toothpick. That is flower design: Polish the nail pink. Using a dotting tool or a toothpick, create five white dots in a circle. Create a second set of five white dots in a circle. After about 45 seconds, place a toothpick in the center of each dot and carefully drag to the center of the flower.

Use a striper brush and hot pink polish to create two wisps. Dip the tip of a toothpick into white polish, then add small dots on both sides of each flower and along one of the wisps. Add a stripe of silver glitter underneath the top pink stripe. Dab your toothpick into silver glitter and dot the center of each flower.

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