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How to Do Nail Designs With Regular Nail Polish

Nail Designing has become very important for the girls as they found a new way to enhance their personality. Nail designing has become very popular after the London Olympics 2012 even Hollywood top celebrities like Katy Perry and Mila Kunis has shown their keen interest in the Nail designing so every girl want to apply that new fashion trend on her hands but it is quite difficult for every girl to spend a lot of money and time with the beautician and nail design experts. But the nail experts have launched many of the ways for the ladies by which they they can draw nail designs at home.

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Here i am going to tell you some of the tips to make nail designs at home by following them. what you need for that is just your regular nail polish which is not an expensive deal. you just need some of the other stuff for that like scissors, scotch tape and a toothpick. First of all you need to shape your nails in well manners that it look appealing. Now wash your hands with soap and rinse thoroughly to avoid the natural skin oil.

Now apply the nail polish on your nails of the color which you want as your base color on the nail polish and let it dry completely. When it got dry enough cut the scotch tape in the border style or any of else using your creative mind and carefully stick that tape on your nail and again apply the nail polish of different color when you done with it let the nail polish to dry. remove the scotch tape you will see that part which was covered by tape is not painted by other colored nail polish and giving an impression of nail design. Now you need a toothpick. Dip the toothpick in the nail polish in any of the two color and make some dot on the opposite color on nail and then do the same with the rest other colored nail polish. you will find your nail designed by your own using ordinary nail polishes and some creative techniques.

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