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How To Do Nail Designs With Tape Step By Step

Nail Art designing is becoming very popular among the women especially among the young girls. the fame of Nail designing got on the peak during and after the london olympic games 2016 where female drag the attention of the people especially women toward their nail designs with tape which was painted in different styles.

Nail Designs With Tape Step By Step

Nail Designs With Tape Step By Step

Some of the female athletes have flown their country’s flag on their nails through nail design which became a fashion trend. But that fashion trend is quite hard to get because it is time consuming and expensive too. But here I am going narrate an idea by which you can make nail designs at your home.

Striping Tape Easy Nail Art Designs

There are some of the things which can help you in making nail designs at your home but I will tell you about one of the most common thing which is easily available in your home even in your own cupboard that is “Scotch Tape”. Yes scotch tape can help in positive manners to draw design of your desire.

Scotch Tape Nails on Pinterest

So what accessories for that account is nails polished of different color, nail shiner, scotch tape and scissor. first of all wash your nail with hand wash to avoid the natural skin oil on the nails, now apply the nail polish of color which you want as your base color.

How to do Nail Designs at Home for Short Nails

After the nail polish you applied on the nail got dry enough come to the scotch tape cut it into border style. or you can go with the simple straight style stick the tape on your nail in diagonal style that half of your nail should be bare and be careful that the tape is stuck completely.

Striping Tape Easy Nail Art Designs 2016Then apply the second nail polish with the different color you can choose colors with light and dark contrast or color combination well after applying let it dry. When it dry enough to touch remove the tape and you will find the nail design which has been made by you in two layer you can add the number of layers by using more nail polishes and tape.

Nail Art Designs With Scotch Tape

Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape