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How To Do Nail Designs With Water

As the nail designing is getting trendy among the women experts are exploring more ideas for the nail designing and even fashion designers are looking for some decent ideas that it can make their collection more attractive with the help of nail designing.

Today I am going to narrate a nail designing technique using one of the most important and common commodity of a human’s life that is “Water”. So I am going to tell you how you can create a nail design using “water”. You will get amazed that it will give an impression of marble on your nail.

How To Do Nail Designs With Water

So you need some of the ordinary stuff that is easily available at your home and wardrobe; some of the nail polishes of different colors, one tooth pick, scotch tape, toothpick, cotton bird, nail remover and most importantly a bowl of water.

Now first of all wash your hand specially nails with soap and rinse thoroughly to avoid the natural skin oil from the skin. Dry your hand and apply one of the nail polish on your nails carefully of the color which you want to look as your base color and let it dry for some while. Then put the toothpick in the other nail polish and give a drop on the water.

Do not shake the water as the nail polish should not dissolve in the water, then make a few drop more on the form of different color of your choice to give a real look and made some abstract design with the help of toothpick.

How to Do Water Marble Nail Art at Home

Well now before dip your nail in the water cover your skin around the nail with the scotch tape to avoid nail polish from skin. dip your nail in the water for some whiles and put it out now remove the scotch tape and remove the nail polish if it has touch on your skin with the help of nail polish and let it dry. Now you will find a new marble design which you have made by yourself with the help of water.

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