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How to Fix a Peeling Manicure

After spending a lot of wealth and money in salon or giving your nails a DIY manicure, it is really frustrating to see flaked, peeling polish after a few days of application. However, you can easily avoid peeling if you use right products from the beginning and keep your fingernails protected. But even after following all the tips and protecting your nail color to the maximum possible extant, if your polish starts chipping, you can fix it without starting from scratch.

  1. Cold water effectively fixes the peeling manicure and doesn’t let it peel any further. All you need to do is to run your hands under chilly water without utilizing soap or hand wash. Pat your hands dry using a soft, hygiene towel, ensuring that the water on the nail beds is fully absorbed.
  2. The tip of a cotton swab is the exact size for the nail bed. Grip a cotton swap firmly between fingers and dip its tip in the nail polish remover. Slightly rub the swab’s tip over the paper towel to wipe off the excess remover.
  3. Now put the swab over the flaking area and softly rub backward and forward. Don’t remove all the color; concentrate only on chipped and peeling area. This way you will get some of you nail’s portion polish-free.
  4. Shake the nail color bottle to remove any bubbles. Open the bottle and rub the brush against the neck of the bottle to get rid of any excess polish present on the brush. Put on a thin coat of polish on the polish-free area of your nail and leave it to dry out for one minute.
  5. Re-dip the brush in the bottle and remove any excess polish from the brush. Sweep the polish on full nail. Let it dry for 5 minutes.
  6. Finally, put on top coat of clear polish to the nail and let it dry before getting engaged in standard activities.