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How to Fix Chunky Nail Polish

Applying nail polish is the last and crucial step in the manicure treatment. For a professional-looking manicure, your nail polish should be even and smooth. A thicker and chunky nail polish will reduce the life of your manicure. If you have a nail polish that becomes sticky and chunky, you can reduce the thickness and chunks by mixing it up. For this purpose, take a little amount of clear nail polish and pour it into the chunky nail polish. Now mix your nail polish by rolling it between your hands.

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If the clear nail polish is not available, you can make your sticky nail polish even and smooth using a nail polish thinner, which is easily available in the cosmetic stores. Take just 2-3 drops of nail polish thinner and add it in the sticky or chunky nail polish. Now mix the polish and the thinner by rolling the bottle of nail polish between the palms of your hands. After the completion of process, let it stay for at least hour and then enjoy the smooth application of nail polish.

Tips and Tricks:

It is to remember that the thinner is only used to fix chunky and sticky nail polish; it does work if the polish has been dried completely.

To give your hands a stand out appearance, you can add glitter on the top of chunky nail polish.

Sometimes nail polish becomes chunky in one side, you can fix this problem by applying a single coat of nail polish to the side that is not chunky.

If you didn’t have a smooth application of nail polish, you can make it even by removing the chunky portion. To do it, wrap a thin layer of cotton on orange stick and dip it in the nail polish remover. Now rub it on the chunky area until it becomes even to the rest of nail polish. After this process, you need to apply a top coat on your nail polish to give it a smooth appearance.

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