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How to Groom Long Nails

Long and well-groomed nails always appeal the gals, they add to the attractiveness and allure of your hands. Grooming the nails and keeping the nails isn’t a hard task if you learn how to do it properly. A few instructions you need to remember are given below;

Cleanse Regularly

Clean your nails on regular basis. Usually the task is accomplished when you wash your hands, but if you get engaged in an activity that involves dirt, be sure to clean you nails thoroughly with a nail brush steeped into soap and water, slightly scrubbing the area under and over the nails, after you are done with the work.

Avoid Nail Biting

Don’t bite your nails as it affects them very badly and put hurdles in the way of their grooming. If you have the habit of nail biting, rub something bad tasting, such as nail polish or mustard, over your nails. It will keep you from nail biting.

Take Enough Amounts of Calcium and Zinc

Ensure taking sufficient amount of calcium in your routine diet. It will help stimulating the nail grooming process. Also don’t let zinc be deficient in your body as it leads to the occurrence of little white spots on the nails.

Prevent Breakage by Trimming Nails

Trim your nails when they get extra long otherwise they will start breaking. Also file down any sharp edges regularly. File the corners first and then file the front part. This way they will become pointy, enabling you to round off the edges easily.

Clean the Under-Nail Area

Clean the area under your nails with a nail-polish-remover dipped Q-tip. and clean under your nails. Cut the cuticles and pat on clear nail polish.


Manicures work great so be sure to get a home or salon manicure regularly!

Gel Manicure

If you bit your nails, it is better for you to get gel manicures.