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How to Stop Nail Biting With Polish

Stress, boredom or anxiety sometimes lead you to develop a habit that is extremely dangerous for your nails. Yes! I am talking about nail biting habit.

Nails and skin around the nails normally referred as cuticles keep the bacteria to enter your fingers therefore taking good care of them is essential for healthy hands. Though it’s challenging to quit nail biting habit, it’s not impossible. You can successfully stop biting through a number of ways. One such way is to use nail polish.

Steps:- Watch nail decking tutorials. You can easily find a large number of such tutorials on YouTube. As these are nail ends that have to pay the cost of your nail biting habit, so try to find nail art designs that focus on the nail tips. This will discourage you to bite it off. Once you find the design you like the most, try it over your nails.

You will really fall in love with your pretty looking nails and would not want ruin their look by biting them. I you are not patient enough to create a design over your nails, just paint them in a bold color. This too will help you curb the urge of biting.

How to Stop Nail Biting With Polish

Use 3D decorations:- Putting on gems, glitter, stickers or rhinestones etc is also helpful when it comes to stop biting nails. It beautifies your nails and thus helps you defy biting. Moreover, thought of chewing or swallowing those decorations will also discourage biting.

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Make it look natural:- For guys, who can’t paint their nails or apply colors or designs over their nails, the best way to stop nail biting is to coat the nails with a transparent nail polish. Thereby two things will discourage you biting the nails- first the pretty and smooth appearance it renders your nails and secondly the unpleasant taste you experience when you bite the nails.

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