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How To Take Care Of Your Nails At Home

Every girl wants to look more beautiful and more attractive even if she has beautiful feature and the beautiful body already. These all naturally beautiful features can be remains beautiful for the long time only if you will take care of you properly and also on the regular bases too.

How To Take Care Of Your Nails At Home

There are some simple tips to keep your nails healthy and beautiful too. First of all you should wash your hand after every work specially kitchen work and washing too and then apply some kind of moisturizer, you should keep some lotions around the kitchen and if you don’t have any kind of lotion then you can even use unused cooking oil too or butter.

If you like a market product then it is okay, if not then you can always make lotion at your home, with medicated glycerin, rosewater, and lime or lemon juice, and you can keep this in refrigerator and you can keep it for more then three moths. According to the weather you should know the needs and the requirements of your nails and the skin too, in the winter season you must need more care and moisture for your nails then the season of summer.

You have to take care of your inner health condition too for the good condition of your skin and specially nails. The deficiency of some basic and the important minerals and vitamins can be the reason of the damage and rough condition of your nails and skins too. If you will keep your eye on the health condition of your nails and skin also will tell you that you are not taking good care of yourself.

To make your nails strong and shiny you can use the most popular and the easiest way that is a very famous home remedy. Take almond oil and make it a bit warm put your fingers in this slightly warm almond oil, do it for at least 10 minutes then remove it and start massage with the same oil and after that you can remove with any fabric or tissue paper it will give you strength and shine nails.
The regular practice of this will make your nail permanent powerful. You should cut your nail with nice and the perfect nail clipper otherwise it will make your nails rough then foil with proper instrument to make smooth corners too. The use of garlic juice also will give power and strength to your nails and the power will glow on your nails too.