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Manicure For Men at Home Quick and Wonderful

Manicure For Men” Salon nail care has been gaining popularity with men, and although most consist of a simple buffing and clean-up. Here are five steps to do quick Manicure.

Manicure For Men at Home

Manicure For Men at Home

File Nail

It’s better to file your nails rather than trim but – let’s be honest – trimming is far easier. Little tip: don’t trim too far. Your nails should end at your fingertips, not before or after that. Best thing to do is trim first and then file them smooth afterwards.

File Nail Shapes

Depp in Warm Water

Ideally, you’ll need to soak your nails in warm water for around 10 minutes to soften up the skin. just take a nice steamy shower and stay in there for a while.

Depp in Warm Water For Nails

Scrub And Clean

Next up, scrub your nails with a soft nail brush to dislodge any loose skin or grime. If you went for a shower over soaking them, scrub your nails directly after the shower. Clean underneath your nails with a manicure stick.

Scrub And Clean For Nails

Remove Dead Skin

Your cuticle is the dead skin that grows over the bottom of each nail. Next, push back your cuticles using the corner of a towel or a rubber-ended manicure stick. In fact, it’s best just to buy a pack of manicure sticks – most are double ended so you can scrape grime with one end and push cuticles back with the other. This bit’s important because it makes the nail bed look very clean and healthy.

Remove Dead Skin Hands Nails

Trim Nails

Trim cuticles. Using a cuticle trimmer, carefully snip away any excess bits of cuticle that you pushed up. Be gentle and only trim the excess. This shouldn’t hurt at all! Take this time to trim away any excess bits of skin and hang nails too.

Trim Nails Home Tips