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Metallic Nail Application & Removal Tips

Metallic Nails are one of your makeover trousseau must-haves if you actually want to look and feel up-to-date all the time. From floral to hypnotic and animal prints, metallic nail extensions are available in a range of designs and patterns.

They are easy-to-use, quite comfortable and last for virtually more than 15 days. If handled with care, these nails don’t create mess and don’t make you end up damaging your natural nails. Instead, they strengthen your nails and protect them from chipping and scratching.

Metallic Nail Application and Removal Tips

Here through this post I will try to let you know how to safely apply and remove these stunning nail extensions:

Application:- Starting off with pre-cleansed, smoothed out nails, spread a little glue onto your nails. Just make sure to leave a slight gap from the cuticles and the skin around your nails. Similarly, apply a sheer coating of adhesive onto the inner side of your nail extension including the cuticle point as well. After applying the adhesive, push the nails on top of the cuticle area and then gradually lower them onto the entire nail, exerting a little pressure at the end to fix them properly.
Lift pressure after a few minutes and then wipe off any excess adhesive with the help of a Q-tip and that’s it.

Extra Tip:- Apply a top coat finally; this will increase the life of your metallic nails by keeping them from scratching.

Removal:- When it comes to remove the metallic nails, first of all snip their extensions and then buff their surface to smoothen out any rough edges. Apply some cuticle oil onto the cuticles as well as on the surrounding skin and dip your nails in acetone afterwards. After a few minutes, your nails will be soft enough to be removed through a gentle swipe. Using a cuticle pusher, remove the nails and massage them with a cuticle oil to protect them and enhance their shine.

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