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Most Versatile Nail Designs For This Holiday Season

As the holiday season comes too close and the big Christmas event is just few days away, all people especially females are seeking the newest styles in dressing, jewelry, makeup and nail art. This page is specifically designed to apprise the latest nail designs that are gaining popularity day by day. Keep on reading to stay updated with the hottest fashion trends in nail art.
Most Versatile Nail Designs For This Holiday Season
Pink Hello Kitty Nail Art:- Painting a cute hello kitty on the nails is the modern and poplar style to give the nails an inspiring look. Nowadays most of the girls are fascinated by lovely hello kitty nails. Making such designs isn’t a daunting task, you can get them done at home easily through a little struggle and patience. To enjoy the pink hello kitty nail art, firstly paint all your nails in white color. Then, grab a pink nail polish and use it to putting tiny dots on each nail except the nail of large finger. Draw a beautiful hello kitty image on the large-finger nail and apply top coat.
Pink Hello Kitty Nail Art
Hello Kitty Nail Art with Hearts:- Heart nail art design enjoys a special eminence among the young girls, this ever-green design can be modified with the addition of exquisite hello kitty image on the nail of mid-finger. Use any vibrant color as a base and white & black to make the further details. You will be surprised how the hello kitty look prominent amid the tiny heart shapes. The exciting Hello Kitty nail art design should be made only when your nails are in the best shape and condition. They involve a lot of patterns, shapes, colors and decorations, although they look absolutely smashing in appearance.
Hello Kitty Nail Art with Hearts
Fancy Hello Kitty Nail Design:- Fancy hello kitty nail design is ideal for the girls who love fuller designs. To create this designs you have to paint all nails with a bright shade of nail polish. Then, grab a black polish and thin nail art brush and draw multiple images of hello kitties on each nail.
Fancy Hello Kitty Nail Design
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Most Versatile Nail Designs For This Holiday Season
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